Heat Your Home or Small Office Using a Boiler or In-Floor Heat

Arrange in-floor heat, water heater or boiler installation in Solon & Iowa City, IA

Solon Heating & Air Conditioning offers boiler installation and maintenance services. Since we have years of experience, we're able to install or work with brands of all varieties.

Is your boiler damaged beyond repair? Schedule replacement services in Solon & Iowa City, IA and receive a free estimate. Then, we'll handle your boiler installation from start to finish. Call today to learn more.

Is your shower giving you the cold shoulder?

Is your shower giving you the cold shoulder?

Hot water is essential for washing clothes, bathing and overall comfort. If your water heater is outdated or damaged beyond repair, it's time to start considering replacement options.

Here at Solon Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a wide selection of tankless, power vent and traditional water heaters to choose from.

Call now to schedule your water heater installation or repair.